Why Choose TLCx?

Optimized Technology, Optimized Solutions, Optimized Results

TLCx is your leading CX outsourcing provider with an optimized and strategic approach. Where decades of expertise and technology converge to redefine the contact center experience with a people-first approach.

At TLCx, we stand out among customer contact outsourcing companies not just due to our impressive longevity, but also because of the unwavering commitment of our leaders.

Our People

We have been able to recruit and retain at every level and have an impressive tenure of employees at every level. We foster the people-first approach like no other CX provider.


Call centers redefined. We don’t just use this as a fancy tagline, we have been redefining the CX journey since the 1990s, as our leaders have robust leadership experience even before TLCx was founded in 2007. From early phones and strategies to more advanced, robust AI & automation technology, we have walked the walk and have been able to continuously lead the industry as a top performer. We have seen it all, which means we can confidently deliver a CX journey that will yield successful, powerful results.

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At TLCx,  it is how we deploy and integrate technology that makes all the difference. Whether you want to implement AI & Automation for the first time or enhance your technology, we have the expertise and experience to execute.

With a strategic and targeted focus on technology, we leverage our expertise to deploy a tailored tech stack that seamlessly integrates with your systems, while also having the capability to integrate your own resources, in order to foster a blended and customized approach.


Clients frequently commend us for our operational excellence, praising our ability to execute tasks efficiently and effectively. At TLCx, we don’t just provide outsourcing services, we cultivate lasting partnerships built on trust, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in customer interactions.

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Client Success Stories

We Take Pride in Achieving Your Goals Through Extraordinary Customer Experiences.

“My TLC partners have transformed the experience provided to my customers! There is no way we could be doing the things we’re doing without the amazing talent, incredible execution and lightning speed exhibited by everyone from TLC Associates. I’m inspired daily by how my TLC partners have assimilated into our brand! This is truly a partnership in every sense of the word. Bottom line is TLC Associates ROCK!!!!!”

Top Retailer/Fortune 1000

Head of Ecommerce

“We are very thankful for TLC’s efforts over the past few years in support of sales and care for our customers. They have helped us grow our business and care for our customers. 2020 has been a more challenging year as our operations were significantly impacted during this pandemic. TLC Associates came through for our brand and customers. They focused on relationships before contracts. They offered incredible flexibility to reduce our costs. Once our business picked up, TLC was there to support us from day one with our already trained staff who were retained by TLC Associates during this difficult time. This defines the word partner to me.”

Leading Internet Brand

Chief Commercial Officer

“I am consistently blown away by TLC’s performance. Black Friday is a huge day for our business and we know we can trust their agents to have chat and email channels totally under control. In fact, their performance last Black Friday allowed us to keep phone ASA under a minute. TLC Associates offers world-class performance across all customer channels.”

Major Retail Brand


“Partnering with TLC has been a true pleasure. The services they provide to are a true upgrade over past outsourcing experiences. They consistently demonstrate passion and commitment to performance management, customer service, and client care. I look forward to our continued successful partnership.”


Medical Ecommerce Company

“When our customers book with us, they want the experience to be relaxed, and when there are issues, they want them fixed yesterday. Our TLC customer care team has been instrumental in accelerating our response time and ensuring that our first call resolutions remain high. More than that, TLC achieves those KPIs during peak travel seasons. Our brand loyalty and high customer retention depend upon their efforts.”

Hotel Chain

Senior VP

“Retailers cannot survive and thrive without a strong eCommerce presence, and our contact centers need to be equipped to deliver PCI-DSS compliant sales. Through the course of our relationship, our TLC inbound sales team has proven themselves capable of maintaining that compliance, but also committed to providing a wonderful customer experience. We know our customers’ information is safe and secure with TLC on the job.”

Retail Company

Chief Customer Officer
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