Work Culture

We Foster an Atmosphere of Mutual Respect and Open Communication at All Levels

That’s why life here is a little different than other work environments.

Not only do we provide superior customer care, we have fun while we do it! We operate as a single team to lift each other up, thriving and encouraging one another to succeed. Time and time again, our employees say their coworkers feel like family and that they are celebrated at every level with a career path for advancement.

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Location. Location. Location.

TLCx has 14 locations globally, and that number is continuing to grow. With these locations plus our work from home program, we have a career where you can thrive.


Dominican Republic



United States

Performance with a Collaborative Culture.

Career Pathing

At TLCx, we aim to create a family-driven atmosphere in which we genuinely want to see each other succeed. We also believe in providing opportunities and pathways that allow team members to advance their careers.

In fact, the vast majority of our leaders have been promoted from within our company. Our work environment also supports this approach by incorporating fun and incentives in all that we do.

Many of our employees are referred to us by family and friends who have shared their experiences with TLCx.

Our family continues to grow and offers employees a way to earn extra cash through the Connecting Pays Off program when you refer someone to apply at any of our locations.

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What Our Team Members Say

Our people are the heart of our business. That is why we create an inclusive culture that is built upon mutual respect.

“Joining TLCx has truly opened my eyes to the incredible opportunities that lie within. It’s clear that this is a place where hard work and dedication pave the way to success.”

Melanie Croussett

TLCx Santo Domingo

“What I love about TLCx is it feels like a 2nd family where we are celebrated, and recognized.”


11 Years at TLCx

“Joining TLCx was a pivotal moment in my career. Within a short span of time, I was provided with ample opportunities to enhance my professional growth and skill development, ultimately leading to my promotion as an Administrative Assistant.”

Caroline Perez

TLCx Santo Domingo

“I began my journey at TLCx as an Agent 4 months ago, and oh boy, let me tell you, TLCx has truly opened my eyes to the immense possibilities that lie within this company. They have taught me that when you showcase your skills and prove your worth, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your growth and advancement.”

Daniela Rosario

TLCx Santo Domingo
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